Episode 24: Around the World in 80 Films, Pt. 1 - Cambodia and the Cinema of Rithy Panh

Matt Schlee from Cineccentric.com joins FBF to kick-off his "Around the World in 80 Films" essay series with a discussion about Cambodian film. We focus on the contemporary filmmaker Rithy Panh and his movies RICE PEOPLE, S21, and THE MISSING PICTURE (the latter of which is available streaming on Netflix).

On this episode we also discuss my Facets DVD experience with SATANTANGO, my obsession with Telluride Film Festival, and the time my friends yelled at me after someone shit in the woods during a Weerasethakul film.

(Mike and Stephanie, I am so glad I went to your wedding instead of a stupid film festival. Love you guys!)

Intro & History of Cambodian Cinema: 0:00 - 26:00
Rice People: 26:00-38:00
S21: 38:00-54:00
Missing Picture: 54:00-1:08:00
Outro & Upcoming Episodes: 1:08:00 - End

Jon Laubinger: www.filmbabyfilm.com

Matt Schlee:
Essay: Around the World in 80 Films-Cambodia
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