Episode 26: "Starring John Cho" - His Films & The Asian-American Experience in Hollywood

This episode is a doozy. I am joined by super-friend Jamie Loo and Fin Coe. Fin is the Co-Creative director of the New Colony theatre in Chicago. We discuss one of my favorite movie stars, John Cho. We discuss five of Mr. Cho’s films: Better Luck Tomorrow, Harold & Kumar, Star Trek, Columbus, and Searching. Fin and Jamie also share their perspective on the depictions of Asian-Americans in Hollywood and in the American media in general, and how important it is to see other Asian-Americans in film, tv, sports, etc. Phenomenal conversation about a phenomenal actor and a lot more.

Jon Laubinger: www.filmbabyfilm.com

Fin Coe:
New Colony theatre

Jamie Loo


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