Episode 13: Book and a Movie- Roadside Picnic/Stalker

Get ready for the first ever cross-over “Book and a Movie” episode! We joined forces with Reading Envy to discuss the book ROADSIDE PICNIC by the Strugatsky brothers, and the Tarkovsky slow-film classic STALKER. 

Jenny Colvin, the host of Reading Envy, is a total bad-ass. She read over 300 books last year, and she is one of the most intelligent podcasters I know. I thoroughly enjoy her podcast (if your New Years Resolution is to read more, check out her "Best of 2017" for book suggestions).

We discuss the similarities and differences between the source material and the adaptation, as well as some of the things we liked (and didn't like). Jenny and I also discuss Infinite Jest, some of her favorite books of the year, a famous littering scene from the show MAD MEN, and finally my friend's deepest fear.

Jon Laubinger: www.filmbabyfilm.com

Jenny Colvin: http://readingenvy.blogspot.com/search/label/podcast


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